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tutorial: button maker tool, how it looks like and how it works

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I was hoping to get this tools since i was kid, my aunt used to send me to some lady specially to do some of these buttons.
and since i learned sewing, i couldn't get enoughh from buying sewing tools and supplies, but this is the only one i didnt get it till it comes as a gift.

And i celebrated this moment with my favourite forum "UAE women club" by presenting giveaways and the question was hint to know what is the gift.

this is the link for the questionn "its in Arabic"

the first three right answers will get 25 mixed fabric buttons i made by my self, and there are alot of ladies and girls who participate, and this is the link for the announcing the winners "its in Arabic too"

**the first winner**
nanakids owner o nanakids blog

**the second winner**

**the third winner is**

after i post the giveaway question a lot asked me how this tool works, and that is my answer, enjoy the photos

it comes with lots of pieces

every upper piece related to the piece underneath it

this piece put it inside the spring

like this

and that's how its look like

the same to the other piece
i take the small one and put it inside the hole of the big one

this way

and that how its look like

i take the part with the spring and put it inside the button maker like this

and that how its look like

the buttons part
the buttons comes in two pieces

the almost flat piece i cover it with fabric
and the other one comes underneath it

how?? look at the following pictures

remember this part, we have done it before
i put the piece we are making inside it

after attaching the whole pieces inside that part, i take it and put it above the spring piece

1...2...3 press

it take little effort to work with it because its an antique tool but i like a lot and its reminds me of beautiful days

and now let me show you the giveaway gift samples

i hope you understand my tutorial.

c yah

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